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Take a tour to our Kicktarter campaign page which was successfully completed.

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Our New Cast



We're pleased to introduce our new producer Young Wook Jo. He is the founder of Organic Story Farm, the story creator's group based in Seoul. He works as a developing producer for films and TV shows. He worked for SAVE THE GREEN PLANET; I'M A CIBORG, BUT OKAY(directed by Chan-wook Park); THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WIERD(directed by Jee-woon Kim); and MOTHER(directed by Joon-ho Bong). Also, he produced several commercial films and music videos. 

Producer Jung Youn who became a happy new mother will stay to support us as she has done.


Kickstarter Campaign is Wrapped Up Successfully.

We finally came to the end of our incredibly successful campaign. We’d love to express our gratitude to you all for your generous donations and help in promoting the campaign. We coud not have succeeded wihout your support. When we started the campaign, whe thought that we were going to seek monetory funds for the film. However, as we met each of you who were getting behind us, it turned out that we were seeking the true human connections through the campaign. That’s exactly what our hero was searching for in REMEMBER O GODDESS. I would call it a miracle. Once again, a huge thank you for everyone’s help. We won’t let you down.


Vote For REMEMBER O GODDESS For indieWIRE's Project of the Week!

Thanks to all of your support, we've exceeded 92% of our $30,000 goal with $27,785 from 228 backers! We're so close there, but the deadline is also close; our campaign will end on May 9th midnight (+ 8 minutes). Please join us now if you haven't; please spread the word if you are already in team REMEMBER O GODDESS. 

Today I'd like to ask all of you one another favor. Please VOTE for REMEMBER O GODDESS for indieWIRE's Project of the Week. We believe in the community that we've built up together since we launched the campaign. Please tell your friends who were willing to help us but simply couldn't afford monetary donation that now they can contribute with no money.

The winning filmmaker will receive a digital distribution consultation from SnagFilms and will become a candidate for Project of the Month. That winner will be awarded with a consultation from the Sundance Institute. It's such a rare opportunity for a Korean independent film. 

Voting is on facebook and runs until Tuesday May 8 at 11AM Eastern time (Tuesday midnight in Korea).  The link to vote is found in the following story:

Here are the prizes:


Jung Woo-sung sent the second video message asking to continue to support REMEMBER O GODDESS